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Triangular mesh function, triplot() trimesh() trisurf() but missing trid

From: Nicklas Karlsson
Subject: Triangular mesh function, triplot() trimesh() trisurf() but missing tridata? (was scattered interpolation)
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 20:15:04 +0100

Asked for help then I had problem with interpolation, got answer with good 
methods for interpolation and also a modified griddata(...) function from 
Nicholas Jankowski accepting a triangular mesh as parameter. Triangular mesh is 
actually used internally in griddata(...) but not possible to send as parameter 
so modification was rather simle.

I consider this modified function accepting a triangular wireframe mesh as 
parameter as very useful and would suggest to add it among the other tri 
functions triplot() trimesh() trisurf(). Anybody else here have any opinion 
about adding this function among these tri functions?

In such case I would suggest function name with parameters 
tridata(tri,x,y,xi,yi) or with method specified tridata(tri,x,y,xi,yi,'method') 
inline with other function names and paremeters. Are not sure if heading into 
problem expanding parameters in a natural way if/then function ever would be 
expanded to more dimensions.

I do not have write access to official repo to add this myself but may spend a 
few hours to get paremeters and comments right. I could also provide two 
examples, one then interpolating on scattered data and one then importing mesh 
from Fenics hdf5 file. Importing solutions saved in hdf5 file format, .h5 filer 
are simple with load command but indexes start at zero for triangulation so +1 
need to be added. Mesh could be plotted with triplot(...) function and a scalar 
solution with plot3(...) function.

Regards Nicklas Karlsson

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