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Must all coefficients for fsolve be numeric???????

From: ttonon
Subject: Must all coefficients for fsolve be numeric???????
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2020 17:38:20 -0500 (CDT)

I try to define a set of nonlinear simultaneous equations that have
coefficients that I defined in statements made previously to the statements
that define "function" definition.  These coefficients were defined as
algebraic constants calculated from previous numerically defined parameters,
and immediately after the line defining them, their proper numeric
evaluation appeared: for instance, A = 0.5.  I then used A in the function
definition as a coefficient.  For instance, one term in one of the
"function" equations appears as A*X(1), where X(1) is one of several
independent variables to be solved for using the fsolve command.  When I
make the fsolve command, I get an error message saying A is undefined,
despite the previous "A = 0.5" appearing in a previous statement, showing
that "A" is stored as a numeric value in memory.  Why?  Even more, I would
like to define other coefficients, such as the form B = X(1)*X(20); i.e.,
coefficients that are themselves functions of the independent variables.  My
question is, is fsolve restricted to equations that have only numeric
constants as coefficients of the terms involving the independent variables? 
If that's the case, is there any command in Octave that can solve any
nonlinear set of algebraic equations with coefficients that are previously
stored in memory, and defined as sub functions of the independent variables
of the equation set?

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