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Re: About simulink

From: Nicklas Karlsson
Subject: Re: About simulink
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2020 18:25:31 +0100

Think Scilab have. Worked a little bit more than ten year as an engineer and my 
experience is Simulink is not particularly useful though it give a good view of 
the signal path.

Difference between Simulink and ordinary programming language is to a large 
degree in Simulink equation is drawn as figures while using ordinary 
programming they are written in text. Then doing math I usually write in text 
with formatting, would be interesting if progamming language allowed LaTeX 
formatted variable names.

Guess Simscape or Modelica is more useful. For electric circuit or powe 
electronics I would prefer som kind of circuit simulator, they are always 
called spice for some reason. These are different since you do not have to the 
math yourself.

Regards Nicklas Karlsson

> Hi dear,
> I am currently using matlab especially simulink for my MSC project. Is
> there any module as a simulink in your software ? Matlab is currently used
> for some project in my university. If you have any module as a simulink I
> will recommend your software to my university.
> -- 
> Hasan ÜTEBAY
> Makine Mühendisi - Mechanical Engineer

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