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Re: Plot colour issue - Strange change of shade

From: steve wood
Subject: Re: Plot colour issue - Strange change of shade
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2020 08:03:53 -0500 (CDT)

> Hi all,
> My apologies if my issue is due to my inexperience and is a simple fix but
> I
> only started using Octave (or any software of the type) yesterday.
> The colour in my graph appears strange and seems to have different shades
> or
> go greyish (see image). I just want it to be the same shade of dark green
> all along. Is there too many datapoints or something like that ?
>>> plot(x, y, "color", [0, 0.45, 0], "linewidth", 3);
> Many thanks,
> <>

Hi again,

I did further research and it appear that other users encountered the same
issue when plotting a graph using a very large assay. As an example if I

plot(sin((1:550000)*2*pi/550000), "color", [0,0.45,0], "linewidth", 4)

The curves fades where a lot of points are close to each other, in my first
example the curve is darker where there are less points close to each other.

Any idea how this can be fixed ?

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