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IDADENSE linear solver

From: Vikram Garg
Subject: IDADENSE linear solver
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2020 13:16:08 -0600

         I am trying to use the ode15i function. This needs the sundials library. On configuring with options to point to sundials libraries, I get the following warning:

configure: WARNING: KLU library not found.  This will result in some lack of functionality for sparse matrices.
configure: WARNING: SUNDIALS IDA library does not include the IDADENSE linear solver, ode15i and ode15s will be disabled
configure: WARNING: SUNDIALS IDA library not configured with IDAKLU, ode15i and ode15s will not support the sparse Jacobian feature

I have looked around online for a resolution to this issue and have not found a usable solution. I am getting sundials by cloning from their git repository, and am configuring with the octave-5.2.0 configure script.


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