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I cannot write a URL (for download): urlwrite: unable to open file` / Oc

From: Patrick Pintelon
Subject: I cannot write a URL (for download): urlwrite: unable to open file` / Octave hangs when doing it in code with variabels.
Date: Sat, 29 Feb 2020 13:00:56 +0100
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Version5.2.0 Octave: I cannot writea URL (for download). I use W10 and Edge.

`>> [f, success, message] = urlread('')
>> [f, success, message] = urlwrite('','d:\')
error: urlwrite: unable to open file`

The url exists and I can download it with Edge.

The file do be downloaded is NOT already opened;

I have also tried with urlread (with a txt file) and this is OK to read; Then I can save the 'read-file-variable' to disk with the save command and I can read it with notepad.

This doesn't succeed with a .zip file: in that case, I can also save it but I cannot unzip. This gives 'archive not readable'. The String must be corrupted.

When I download the same .zip file in a browser, I can unzip.

I also tried to do the same in code:

                [sss,success,message]= urlread (url(urlTel){:});


debug> url(urlTel){:}
ans =
debug> class(url(urlTel){:})
ans = char
debug> dwnDir(urlTel){:}
ans = D:/DATA-MEDION/beurs/AutoDownBeurs/stooqDwn/h/d_world/
debug> class(dwnDir(urlTel){:})
ans = char

and now Octave GUI hangs at the first code line without any message and before I can save it. Have to go to task manager to restart Octave.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks


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