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Re: availability of 'eigensolve' source code from "An Iterated Eigenvalu

From: Kai Torben Ohlhus
Subject: Re: availability of 'eigensolve' source code from "An Iterated Eigenvalue Algorithm for Approximating Roots of Univariate Polynomials" article
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 17:06:29 +0900
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On 2/23/20 3:22 PM, Sergei Steshenko via Help list for GNU Octave wrote:
> I failed to find the "eigensolveweb site" and I failed to find the
> source code.
> [...]
> Does anybody have an idea where the source code can be found ? Or maybe
> there's already some better code for the task ?
> Thanks in advance,
>   Sergei.

Dear Sergei,

In your case I would try to contact Steven Fortune directly [1] or by
the mail given in his publication [2] (the DOI URL is usually much shorter).

Maybe the people working on mpsolve, which seems still active, have a
copy of that algorithm [3].  All I found was [4] but the download link
to the bell labs is dead.



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