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Code Problem

From: Richard Schumacher
Subject: Code Problem
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 14:00:33 -0500

Good afternoon, I cannot seem to figure out how to fix my parse errors for this code. Any suggestions? Attached are the formulas I am using. Please note that the theta is in DEGREES, so I used both cosd & sind. 

Thank you


Code Below:

%Task 2


%Crank Angle, Theta
%Bore, B
%Stroke, L
%Compression Ratio, r
%Connecting rod length to crank-arm length a, ratio R=1/a
%Area of Cylinder head, Ach
%Area of Piston, Ap
%Crankshaft Rotational Speed, N [RPM]

%We are looking for Volume (theta),Area (theta), Piston Velocity Up (theta),
%First derivative of volume wrt theta (dV/d(theta)),
%First derivative of Area wrt theta, (dA/d(theta))


theta=15 %[degrees]
B = 14 %[inches]
L = 14 %[inches]
r = 9
R = 6
Ach = 231 %[inches^2]
Ap = 154 %[inches^2]
N = 1500 %[RPM]


Vd= ((3.14159*(B^2))/4)*L  %this equation works

Vc=Vd/(r-1) %this equation works

V = Vc*{1+0.5(r-1)*[(R+(1-cosd(theta))-((R^2)-sind^2(theta))^0.5]}




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