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DEBUG: FC_WEIGHT didn't match

From: Ian McCallion
Subject: DEBUG: FC_WEIGHT didn't match
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2020 16:49:03 +0000

I have just updated to the latest windows version:

  > ver
  Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.592]

and now I get a message I've never seen before: "DEBUG: FC_WEIGHT didn't match" on the print statement in the code below. This applies under Octave versions 4.4.1 and 5.2.0. 

A quick internet search suggests it's a ghostscript problem, but I've tried removing myfont and the set statement and neither makes any difference. Apparently it's a fontconfig problem but nowhere am I explicitly using fontconfig.

Any ideas how to get rid of the debug message?

Cheers... Ian

  % 23a. Set graphing defaults used by all subsequent plots
set(0, 'defaulttextfontsize', 15)
% 23b. Create png file of SD By Row
thisfig = figure(1, 'visible','off');
xrange = 1:length(listRowsInTouch);
plot(xrange, [ssd; mean(ssd)*ones(1,db.nRowsInTouch); msThreshold*ones(1,db.nRowsInTouch)], 'Linewidth',2);
thislegend=legend('Actual','Average over touch','Threshold');
axis([0, xrange(end)+2, min(ssd)-5, 5+max(10,max(ssd))]);
xlabel('Row number', myfont{:});
ylabel('Milliseconds', myfont{:});
title('Standard Deviation (Touch only)', myfont{:});
grid ('on');
print (1, fsOutStdByRow, mywidegraphs{:});

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