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Re: deprecated function in latest geometry package

From: Juan Pablo Carbajal
Subject: Re: deprecated function in latest geometry package
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2020 23:24:36 +0100


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> I just found out about the release of the latest geometry package (v.4.0.0) 
> for gnu octave and I noticed that there is a large number of functions 
> missing compared with the earlier version (v.3.0.0) as for example all 
> functions related to 3D. Is there some mistake or you have taken a decision 
> to deprecate these functions?
> This causes serious problems with some existing open source software that 
> relies on these functions. I would appreciate some insight about your plans 
> regarding the latest geometry package so I can plan accordingly.
> Thanks a lot.

geometry and matgeom have been separated. Install the matgeom pkg to
get all the functionality that was in geometry 3.0.0 or earlier. This
is written in the news and ion the release note.


pkg install -forge geometry matgeom

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