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Re: test this in matlab

From: N
Subject: Re: test this in matlab
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2020 17:21:12 +0100

They are small on my monitor but not smaller than ordinary plots, same as other 
plots. Seems to be one pixel widel lines, it might resolution of monitors have 
increased over time, font in ordinary software like I write now is not small 
but with proper scaling more pixels is used to get same size but have no idea.

> I would like someone with matlab to run the following code in matlab and
> octave and compare the marker size.
> I think the marker size is too small in octave. The point of pzmap is to
> show just the locations of the poles and zeroes so why not make them easy
> to see?
> Thanks for your help.
> s = tf('s');
>  g = (s+1)/(s+2)/(s+3)
>  pzmap(g);
> -- 
> DAS[image: Certificate for 206392]
> <>

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