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Re: Octave geometry package release

From: Juan Pablo Carbajal
Subject: Re: Octave geometry package release
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2020 04:02:33 +0100

Hi Sebastian,

Please do not send private message,s use the mailing lists

> I ran into the issue caused by matGeom shadowing some of the functionality in 
> Octave 5.1 (as compared to 4.x). But I quickly realized that the Octave Forge 
> only has 3.0.0 whereas you recently released 4.0.0 of the package. Is it 
> still waiting for some kind of approval or does it need to be explicitly 
> tagged/pushed?
You can use the repository verison. The formal release is delayed
because I forgot to add a new function to the index.

> Also, I am a bit confused why 
> has a link to the Mercurial 
> geometry repository but a homepage link to the matGeom Github repo. Are they 
> being developed in tandem?
As of 4.0.0 that link won't be in the geometry package. There is now a
matgeom package[1] (which I forgot to add the link to, thanks!)
Yes, geometry and matgeom are developed in parallel and I try to make
upstream add the improvements done in geometry. But I had little
success in the past.


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