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Question on editor startup time

From: Dr.-Ing. Dieter Jurzitza
Subject: Question on editor startup time
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2020 18:01:57 +0100

Dear listmembers,
I just recently compiled octave 5.1.0 on my computer and started working with 
it. Initially I thought that the editor would be broken because if I tried to 
open a file the cursor rotated apparently "forever".
By accident I left it rotating for a while, then everything started to work as 
That said, restarting octave and then trying to open a file takes about 2 
minutes(!!!) to complete. After that I can use the editor as normal - until I 
restart octave. Anyone having any idea why I have to wait 2 minutes to come to 
an usable interface? I assumed that octave is searching through the entire 
directory - but I cannot tell that for sure.
Any hint to probably circumvent this would be very much appreciated - as this 
behavior is really annoying.
Thank you
take care


Dr.-Ing. Dieter Jurzitza                    76131 Karlsruhe

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