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Re: Possible extension/fix to the linear-algebra funm function

From: José Abílio Matos
Subject: Re: Possible extension/fix to the linear-algebra funm function
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 18:24:08 +0000

  I am following up this so that it does not get lost.

On Monday, December 30, 2019 12:55:18 PM WET PhilipNienhuis wrote:
> Thanks José.
> You're right in principle but IMO it is still better to directly call the
> core functions logm, expm and sqrtm if only to avoid overhead.

I understand your concern but the purpose of funm is to be a dispatch function 
so clearly we expect an overhead when calling it. And sometimes it is OK to 
trade speed for convenience. :-)

> Please upload your patch to the patch tracker if you want:

I did it here:

> BTW, there's a much better funm.m looming here:
> I hope that one can be absorbed one day in the linear-algebra package or
> rather, core Octave.
> AFAICS it works fine - but I only tested it for mathematically fairly easy
> cases (positive-semidefinite (symmetric) matrices of limited size, max. size
> ~50).
> Philip

Best regards,
José Matos

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