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FWD: Re: Excel interface

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: FWD: Re: Excel interface
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2020 19:37:34 +0100
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BXXrje Emilsson wrote:
I am new to Savannah / Octave and apologize in sending this message directly
to You. Should the issue be sent to help or any other recipient ?

Indeed, do not email developers directly, but rather send a message to the help mailing list, please:


              I found Your
name in the header of the problematic m-files. The problem :
I receive an annoying warning each time xlsopen is run stating that strmatch
is obsolete and should be replaced. I have traced down the problem to 3
routines that calls strmatch : chknmrange, __OCT_spsh_open__, __OCT_xls2oct__
with 2, 2, 6 occurences. Will these routines be updated in the coming Octave
release ?

(1) AFAIK that message is only shown once per Octave session. If not, you should file a bug report about it. (2) In the latest io package release (io-2.4.13) all occurrences of strmatch have been replaced. So please upgrade:

pkg unload io
clear -f
pkg upgrade io


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