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help with testing new audio package

From: Olaf Till
Subject: help with testing new audio package
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2020 17:52:07 +0100
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a new release of the audio package, containing midi functions, has
been submitted by JohnD. I've tested formal things and the builtin
tests have run ok with Octave 5.1. Could someone test the package for
some real-use-case?

The tarball of the package is at:

Here is a copy of the basic usage instructions from the packages HTML:

<start of quote>

The Audio package must be loaded each time a GNU Octave session is started:

pkg load audio

The Audio toolkit provides 3 main types of MIDI functionality:

Device functions

    These are functions that directly allow opening, sending and receiving MIDI 
Controller functions

    Functions that provide a layer on top of the device functions for using 
MIDI controls. 
File functions

    Basic functions that allow read and write of MIDI files. 

To read and write to a MIDI device, a MIDI device object must be created, using 
the name or id of a known MIDI device as provided by the mididevinfo function.

MIDI devices can then be read using the midisend and midireceive functions that 
use midimsg type to encapsulate the MIDI data.

% list the midi devices
devs = mididevinfo

% open a midi device, specifying the first input and output MIDI device
dev = mididevice("input", devs.Input{1}.ID, "output", devs.Output{1}.ID)

% receive data and echo it through the output port
while True
  msg = midireceive(dev, 1);
  if !empty(msg)

An overview of the package can be displayed by running help audio

Help for each function can be displayed by help thefunctionname


help mididevice

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