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Re: Integrate Octave CLI on VSCode under Windows 10

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: Re: Integrate Octave CLI on VSCode under Windows 10
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 14:38:29 +0200

On 23 Sep 2019 09:06:53 EAlvarez wrote:
> Hello again dear Octave community,
> I have the following Problem. I am trying to integrate the Octave CLI
> embedded into VSCode. So far I was able to integrate the CLI version of
> Octave without the GUI support and therefore without the "qt" graphics
> toolkit. I need the toolkit because I am building an app with the Octave
> like GUIDE (Most recent release under Windows 5.1). Since this is not
> supported, Octave would not render the app figure properly.
> The shortcut created at the Octave installation CLI, do open the same
> Terminal as if I was using the GUI. And after typing
> *available_graphics_toolkits* i get all the toolkits including "qt". In the
> \bin folder of Octave there is a octave-cli.exe file which opens fine and
> can be embedded into VSCode. But where do i find the executable file for the
> other terminal?
> The only way that I was able to execute this, was on cmd by typing *octave
> --no-gui* and setting the PATH before that. The Problem is that this is not
> a standalone executable like the normal CLI provided in the Distribution.
> Is there a way to get this working as an executable?
> Thank you all in advance!

I am not familiar with VSCode. But you might want to have a look on 
which we use to run Octave on Windows.
It basically sets some environment variables before calling
"octave-gui.exe --no-gui"


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