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Re: gramm Package installation for Octave

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: Re: gramm Package installation for Octave
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 14:50:22 +0200

Am 19. September 2019 um 10:28 Uhr schrieb "EAlvarez":
> Hello Gurus of Octave!
> I have the following Problem and hope somebody out there can help. I am new
> to Octave. I am a long term user of R programming language, and have been
> using Hadley´s Wickham ggplot2 for a long time to make plotting more easy. I
> saw that there is a package called gramm developed for matlab. The
> experienced used @CdeMills seemed to found a Workaround to make this package
> executable on Octave, see this thread:
> I followed the instructions on the readme file and the comments on the
> thread in how to run this package but have not had any luck!.
> The readme says that i should add the @Folder containing the class to the
> path. I do this the following way:
> addpath('P:/35
> MITARBEITERORDNER/Alvarez/Octave/Scripts/gramm-master/@gramm')

There might be two issues with this:
1- You should add the folder containing the @-class to the path, i.e.:
addpath('P:/35 MITARBEITERORDNER/Alvarez/Octave/Scripts/gramm-master')

2- If this doesn't work, try moving the package to a folder that doesn't
contain a space (" ") or fwiw any non-ASCII characters in its path.


PS: I switched this over to the help mailing list, which seems more
appropriate for your issue.

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