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Re: function movavg dont work with matrix

From: Kai Torben Ohlhus
Subject: Re: function movavg dont work with matrix
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2019 13:26:23 +0900
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On 8/28/19 8:34 PM, LucaLuca via Help list for GNU Octave wrote:
> hi,
> i try diffucult open bug report.
> I did the code for the solution (it's not the best but it's good)
>    y = cumsum (x) ;
>    n = rows (x) ;
>    a=x(1:AvgEquity-1,:);
>    b=y(AvgEquity,:)/AvgEquity;
>    c= (y(AvgEquity+1:n,:) .- y(1:n-AvgEquity,:))
>    movAvg=vertcat(a,b,c);
> do you like it?

No problem, I open that report for you, see

I cannot run your without errors (x undefined) and do not care enough to
fix it.  If you really want to dive deeper into developing the financial
package, take a look at our contribution guidelines, especially the
Octave style guide

Otherwise I think it it best you stick to the advice of Markus and use
"movmean" instead.


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