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Re: Image acquisition

From: Przemek Klosowski
Subject: Re: Image acquisition
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 11:13:32 -0400
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On 8/21/19 5:52 AM, Nkosiphile Bhebhe wrote:

I seem to have resolved the v4l2 problem but now have encounter another error (kindly see below) when I run “pkg install -forge image-acquisition” on the command window.


Makefile:18: recipe for target '__v4l2_handler__.oct' failed

make: Leaving directory '/tmp/oct-5WPu9D/image-acquisition-0.2.2/src'


pkg: error running `make' for the image-acquisition package.

error: called from

    configure_make at line 95 column 9

    install at line 194 column 7

    pkg at line 394 column 9

It's strange that you have v4l2 problems if you have regular v4l2 packages installed. Perhaps your v4l2 install is damaged in some way? How exactly did you install it? What did you do to 'resolve the v4l2 problem'?

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