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Ocatve image acquisition on windows 10

From: Nkosiphile Bhebhe
Subject: Ocatve image acquisition on windows 10
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 11:02:36 +0000

Good day,


I would like to use a CCD camera for image acquisition direct from octave. However, I cannot seem to connect to the camera as the following error below keeps coming up. I tried downloading the forge image-acquisition but it seems this will not work for windows. Do have anything that can work for windows 10 OS as I do not have access to a linux computer?


pkg install -forge image-acquisition

configure: error: unable to find the v4l2_open() function

configure: loading site script /usr/local/etc/

checking for g++... g++

checking whether the C++ compiler works... yes

checking for C++ compiler default output file name... a.exe

checking for suffix of executables... .exe

checking whether we are cross compiling... no

checking for suffix of object files... o

checking whether we are using the GNU C++ compiler... yes

checking whether g++ accepts -g... yes

checking for mkoctfile... yes

checking for fltk-config... /c/Octave/OCTAVE~1.0/mingw64/bin/fltk-config

checking for v4l2_open in -lv4l2... no


pkg: error running the configure script for image-acquisition.

error: called from

    configure_make at line 82 column 9

    install at line 184 column 7

    pkg at line 441 column 9


Kind Regards


Dr. Nkosiphile Andile Bhebhe

Post Doctoral Fellow

National Metrology Institute of South Africa

Photonics Division 

CSIR Campus

Building 7, Room 19 (Ground Floor)


060 318 5019



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