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Re: Writing to .xlsm files with COM-Interface

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: Writing to .xlsm files with COM-Interface
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2019 13:03:03 -0500 (CDT)

TimotheusNemitz wrote
> PhilipNienhuis wrote
>> FYI, I've added xlFileFormats for several common file types, but on my
>> Win7
>> box with Office 2013, Octave could only write all the .xls* types (incl.
>> .xls /BIFF8), .htm, .html, .csv (but with ";" field separators), .txt and
>> .prn.
>> Knowing Excel and its reputation a bit I think the ability to write to
>> other
>> file types largely depends on the Office version at hand.
>> When trying to write other file types I got an error and a stray (hidden
>> /
>> zombie) Excel invocation was left running;  you're warned. Somewhere I
>> need
>> to add code to catch those errors, that will happen before releasing
>> io-2.4.13. 
> Thanks, I can confirm writing to .xlsm files works now with the
> COM-Interface on W10/O365. 
> If you want me to test other file types with the COM-Interface of O365,
> just
> give me a list of file types or provide example files I should test.

Good, thank you for reporting back.

I've pushed more fixes; with COM interface .dif, .xml and .pdf now also
work, at least with Office 2010 at work. In addition I pushed a few fixes
for UNO (LibreOffice) to better support extraneous formats like .fods, .uos,
.slk and also .dbf.
If you want you can try those, goto and get xlsclose.m,
xlsopen.m, odsopen.m, odsclose.m, and __COM_spsh_close__.m and
__UNO_spsh_close__.m from private/

I think an io-2.4.13 release isn't that far away now.


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