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Re: Writing to .xlsm files with COM-Interface

From: TimotheusNemitz
Subject: Re: Writing to .xlsm files with COM-Interface
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2019 03:10:53 -0500 (CDT)

PhilipNienhuis wrote
> FYI, I've added xlFileFormats for several common file types, but on my
> Win7
> box with Office 2013, Octave could only write all the .xls* types (incl.
> .xls /BIFF8), .htm, .html, .csv (but with ";" field separators), .txt and
> .prn.
> Knowing Excel and its reputation a bit I think the ability to write to
> other
> file types largely depends on the Office version at hand.
> When trying to write other file types I got an error and a stray (hidden /
> zombie) Excel invocation was left running;  you're warned. Somewhere I
> need
> to add code to catch those errors, that will happen before releasing
> io-2.4.13. 

Thanks, I can confirm writing to .xlsm files works now with the
COM-Interface on W10/O365. 
If you want me to test other file types with the COM-Interface of O365, just
give me a list of file types or provide example files I should test.

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