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Question about Octave GUI and mouse usability related to displayed chart

From: Sergei Churaev
Subject: Question about Octave GUI and mouse usability related to displayed charts.
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2019 20:11:04 +0300

Dear all,


I'm often use analog / digital simulation and got timing waveforms as results. To inspect it in more details I'm trying to use Octave. I need quickly navigate through diagrams to find some special cases. It is not convenient as I want, especially to compare with another CADs tools from Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, and Cadence (even MATLAB has no good waveform viewer). Convenience of visualization tools is very important for professionals, who want to start work with new tools like Octave (chart viewers, schematic editors, etc...).


Tell me please, is it possible to improve a little bit the mouse usability related to displayed charts? Also, is it possible to integrate some console tool to search special cases / events or make some math post-processing with waveform diagrams (like in ORCAD PSpice from Cadence, to measure MIN, MAX, RMS, AVE etc.)? It will be really useful improvement.


I think Octave is quite good software, but viewer of time charts can be done much better even to compare with MATLAB. Also, I think it will take less time to compare with other software parts of Octave and will show real progress in Octave development to various specialists. At once, when it will be done on acceptable level, many professionals can select Octave for them jobs. Even if Octave will doing something worse than MATLAB, the visualization could be strongest side of this software (it is not so complex like methods for numerical solutions of navier-stoks equations). So, this is a question to select right design strategy of Octave to distribute human resources in right proportion to different tasks. Sure, the people who have participation in Octave design must understand priority in convenience of user interface and visualization technics for end-user (like me).


I am very interested in the successful development of this software. And I would like to help make it better. If you need my help or have questions let me know please. Thanks for your attention to my letter.


Best regards,

Sergey Churayev, Ph.D.


+375 333 665 399



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