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Error when a figure is saved in DXF format

From: Emil M. Oanta
Subject: Error when a figure is saved in DXF format
Date: Wed, 8 May 2019 06:49:38 +0000 (UTC)

Dear All,

During the execution of an Octave script it appears the error:
"error: gl2ps_renderer::draw: internal pipe error"

After its execution the following error is displayed:

>> error: parse error
error: called from
    __opengl_print__ at line 193 column 7
    print at line 710 column 16
    SplInt at line 1184 column 4

I found: C:\Octave\Octave-\mingw32\share\octave\5.1.0\m\plot\util\private\__opengl_print__.m

The code sequence in __opengl_print__.m where Octave crashes (line 193) is:

181  opts.pipeline = pipeline;
183  for n = 1:numel (pipeline)
184    if (opts.debug)
185      fprintf ("opengl-pipeline: '%s'\n", pipeline{n});
186    endif
188    if (strcmp (get (opts.figure, "visible"), "on")
189        || (strcmp (get (opts.figure, "__graphics_toolkit__"), "qt")
190            && (strcmp (get (opts.figure, "__gl_window__"), "on")
191                || __have_feature__ ("QT_OFFSCREEN"))))
192      ## Use toolkits "print_figure" method
193      drawnow (gl2ps_device{n}, ['|' pipeline{n}]);
194    else
195      error ("print: figure must be visible or qt toolkit must be used with __gl_window__ property 'on' or QT_OFFSCREEN feature available");
196    endif
197  endfor

The sequence in my code is:

1182   %
1183   disp(strcat("Stage: print the diagram(s) in the following dxf file: ",dxf_filename));
1184   print(fig,"dxf",dxf_filename);
1185   pause(2);
1186   %

If I replace print with

1184   saveas (fig, dxf_filename, "dxf");

it results the same error!

I use 32-bit GNU Octave
>> version
ans = 5.1.0


Windows 10 Pro
64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thank you,


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