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Re: Workaround for loadlibrary function

From: Ardid, Salva
Subject: Re: Workaround for loadlibrary function
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2019 14:24:08 +0000

El dissabte, 20 d’abril de 2019, a les 10:20:00 EDT, Andrew Janke va escriure:

  On 4/20/19 9:54 AM, Ardid, Salva wrote:
  > Hi,
  > I am trying to use Transplant 
( to call Octave from Python. I am 
aware about Oct2Py, which I have also started to use, but Transplant seems more 
comprehensive, powerful and actively maintained. Also, Oct2Py presents some 
issues (
  > According to main Transplant Dev, using Transplant should be quite 
straightforward if the loadlibrary function was available in Octave 
( I filled an issue about this 
(, but in the meantime, I would like to 
know if there is a workaround for this I could use, to make Transplant 
functional in Octave.
  > If more people would be interested in this, we could team up to try to make 
it happen :)
  > Thanks in advance,
  > Salva
  Hi Salva!
  loadlibrary() is a significant low-level feature that may take a while
  to make it in to Octave.
  It looks like Transplant is only using loadlibrary() to load in the
  ZeroMQ library for its use within the Matlab process. There's an
  existing Octave Forge zeromq package that provides ZeroMQ bindings for
  Octave, using oct-file linkage instead of the loadlibrary() mechanism.
  Maybe you could work with Transplant to provide an alternative
  Octave-oriented M-code adapter layer that uses the zeromq package
  instead of loadlibrary-based access to ZeroMQ? Then it would work with
  existing Octave releases, and you wouldn't have to wait for someone to
  write loadlibrary() and for it to work its way into a new released
  Octave version.
Awesome. Thanks Janke for letting me know. I'll definitely check it out

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