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Releases of Cantor and of LabPlot

From: Alexander Semke
Subject: Releases of Cantor and of LabPlot
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2019 09:57:01 +0200

Dear Octave community,

I'd like to notify you about the recent progress  done in the KDE community
for the projects Cantor and LabPlot which also might be interesting for Octave

Cantor is a KDE application and provides a frontend for different open-source
computer algebra systems and programming languages like Maxima, Octave,
Scilab, R, python and julia. We blogged about the recent development done for
the 18.12 shippment of KDE applications:

LabPlot is a KDE application for interactive graphing and analysis of
scientific data. LabPlot embedds Cantor which allows certain worflows like doing
the calculations e.g. in Octave and finalizing the visualization interactively
in LabPlot. The following blog shows couple of examples of this integration:

We just released LabPlot 2.6 where we also ship a version of Cantor for
Windows users:

Please give it a try. Both projects are quite active and react fastly on the

Best Regards,

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