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Re: Is there a command that shows the C-code the interpreter creates?

From: GoSim
Subject: Re: Is there a command that shows the C-code the interpreter creates?
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 13:02:01 -0500 (CDT)

I read your informative posts and of course I have new ideas. I still believe
it is possible but I will accept that GoSim will run at 100-500Hz and not
kHz. And will leave this to the future maybe.

I understand that your variables are dynamic, changing objects. The idea is
to change the m-code so that these objects never change, now they are static
and maybe a compilable program can be created.

Let's say the m-file has two lines:


this requires the variable type to be dynamic. Now change the variables to:


Now these variables types are static. Some time in your program you know
their type and they can be declared. You have all the functionality to
create a compiled program if the m-script is written "static" i.e. in a way
so that variables don't change type and this can be done automatically with
added suffixes.
The parser has to be the thing that gives you what kind of type it is and
since the type never changes now you know the type before runtime.

The biggest ? for me is how the compiled data that Bison's parser creates
work, how accessible and usable are they.

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