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OCTAVE-Vs-MATLAB-for-Audio-DSP-and-processing (NEW)

From: enrico
Subject: OCTAVE-Vs-MATLAB-for-Audio-DSP-and-processing (NEW)
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 08:35:56 -0500 (CDT)

Hi all,
a couple of years ago was opened the thread I link below, trying to respond
I was asked to create a new post so here I am:

the topic is to choose the right tool for:
- Audio DSP design and analysis 
- real time working at audio sample rate
- connect in real time with other audio boxes sending/receiving audio
samples or midi messages
- automatic export of code into VST / AU extensions for audio plugin

The answer provided into the first thread is not exhaustive for me because
the other proposed softwares are not though for scientific use, even if
those of them (e.g. Puredata, Max/MSP) are well suited for real time
processing and external plugin hosting, they are not capable of export their
patches (projects) to C/C++ code.

I am approaching to GNU Octave and I know that it is a valid alternative of
Matlab at least for some uses.

Matlab has tools to export the code to audio plugin (

Beside that, even if Matlab/Octave are not intended to be real time
softwares a musician brings on stage, Matlab has a framework for real time
signal simulation (Simulink), it can host plugins and connect to audio
drivers in real time

In conclusion, for an audio engineer/scientist who wants to design audio
algorithms, test their performances, analyze real time data signal, easily
export to standalone or plugin peaces of code (VST and AU), do you think GNU
Octave can be comparable to Matlab?

I really appreciate any kind of answer from you, thank you in advance


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