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Debugging mex error in Octave: undefined symbol: mxcopyreal8toptr_

From: Anthony Gitter
Subject: Debugging mex error in Octave: undefined symbol: mxcopyreal8toptr_
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2019 14:31:53 +0000


I am attempting to compile a mex file from third-party Fortran code.  I receive the error message:

error: glmnetControl: /SCINGE/glmnet_matlab/glmnetMex.mex: failed to load: /SCINGE/glmnet_matlab/glmnetMex.mex: undefined symbol: mxcopyreal8toptr_


To proceed with my debugging, I am trying to determine whether this is a problem with MATLAB and Octave compatibility, the Fortran code, the way I am calling mkoctfile, or something else.


This MATLAB page suggests that mxCopyReal8ToPtr is a MATLAB function   I found an old thread discussing mxcopyreal8toptr in Octave, but it was not resolved


I am running Octave inside the mtmiller/octave:5.1.0 Docker container, which uses Ubuntu.  My current compilation attempt is:

mkoctfile --verbose --mex glmnetMex.F GLMnet.f


with the full script available at and the full error available at


The Fortran code, which was written for MATLAB, comes from


I would be grateful for any advice on what to debug next.


Thank you,

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