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Re: Installing instrument control package

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: Installing instrument control package
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2019 19:48:48 +0900 (JST)

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> From: martinhedegaard 
> To: help-octave
> Cc: 
> Date: 2019/4/5, Fri 15:42
> Subject: RE: Installing instrument control package
> Hi again 
> I tried too script it again and didn't get the errors however the directory
> line executes but does not create the library, but no error in the code is
> outputted only the next line gives no such file or directory error when i
> try to run the copy of NI.h file to the ib.h file. 
> If i create just another directory and make a simple txt file i cannot
> either from bash ls to it through:
> ls /usr/include/test123/ib123.txt 
> if i cd to the correct folder /test123/ i can find the file... do you know
> what the issue is here? i think this is what has caused my issues with the
> instrument package install 
> br 
> Martin 

Did you see the below?


Thank you again for all the help! 

In fact,  GPIB works under the Windows native version (mingw) as well. 

I basically followed the same process: 

1. Make a directory, e.g., in c:\Octave\Octave-4.4.1\include\gpib\, and put 
ib.h in it. 

2. Copy libgpib.a into c:\Octave\Octave-4.4.1\lib\.  (you can use the one 
from cygwin or make a new one in mingw using dlltool) 

3. In Octave, run 
pkg install -forge instrument-control 



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