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Re: Build Octave with GUI

From: Pantxo
Subject: Re: Build Octave with GUI
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2019 02:44:21 -0600 (CST)

Thomas D. Dean-2 wrote
> I am attempting to build octave with a gui.  From searching the web, I 
> think building with QT5 is not possible at this time.  I attempted to 
> build with QT4.  It seemed to work.  But, executing src/octave-gui 
> results in a CLI version.  The files, src/octave-cli and -gui are 
> different, but, both seem to execute a -cli version.
> Does the warning about OpenGL mean that the -gui version will not work?
> Ubuntu 18.04
> Octave from HG sources.
>  > cd octave-code
>  > hg pull
>  > hg update
>  > make distclean
>  > ./configure F77=gfortran --with-qt=4
> ...
>    Build Octave Qt GUI:                  yes (version: 4)
>    JIT compiler for loops:               no
>    Build Java interface:                 yes
>    Build static libraries:               no
>    Build shared libraries:               yes
>    Dynamic Linking API:                  dlopen
>    Include support for GNU readline:     yes
>    64-bit array dims and indexing:       yes
>    64-bit BLAS array dims and indexing:  no
>    OpenMP SMP multithreading:            yes
>    Truncate intermediate FP results:     yes
>    Build cross tools:                    no
>    Build docs:                           yes
> configure: WARNING: Qt does not work with the OpenGL libs (GL and GLU);\
>      disabling OpenGL graphics with Qt GUI
> configure: WARNING: SUNDIALS NVECTOR serial library not found.\
>      Solvers ode15i and ode15s will be disabled.
> configure: WARNING: SUNDIALS IDA library not found.\
>      Solvers ode15i and ode15s will be disabled.
> configure: WARNING: JAVA_HOME environment variable not initialized.\
>      Auto-detection will proceed but is unreliable.
> configure:
> configure: NOTE: Libraries or auxiliary programs may be skipped if\
>      they are not found OR if they are missing required features on your 
> system.
>  > make
> ...
> Octave successfully built.  Now choose from the following:
>     ./run-octave    - to run in place to test before installing
>     make check      - to run the tests
>     make install    - to install (PREFIX=/usr/local)
>     HG ID for this build is "11bf2c815469"
>  > make check
> ...
> Summary:
>    PASS                            15472
>    FAIL                                0
>    XFAIL (reported bug)               28
>    SKIP (missing feature)            126
>    SKIP (run-time condition)          23
> See the file /home/tomdean/Math/Octave/octave-code/test/fntests.log
> for additional details.
> Tom Dean


As suggested by Kai, you will have to pass the "--gui" option since cli is
the default.

Now you say "I think building with QT5 is not possible at this time": what
makes you say that? Can you tell us what prevents you from building with
Actually Qt5 is highly recommended and support for Qt4 is probably going to
be abandoned soon. You should thus really try to build with Qt5 on modern
systems such as Ubuntu 18.04.

Finally it seams that something went wrong with configuration since Qt
toolkit had to be disabled. Can you look at your config.log and determine
the cause of this?


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