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Re: Chi2 test

From: Javier Garcia Falaguera
Subject: Re: Chi2 test
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 18:44:39 +0100

Hi people, 

Many thanks for the support. I just find out that this function 
[pval_mu, chisq_mu, df_mu] = chisquare_test_homogeneity (d1, d2, c1)

Doesnt allow any of the values of c1 to be less than 0 (even 0.99 induces to error).

As commented in some mail before, the result is that we get a division by 0, lead to NaN error. It could be great to check it and change it at some point.

If you had the time to check it soon, it could be very helpfull.

Kind regards, 


El lun., 18 feb. 2019 a las 9:19, Juan Pablo Carbajal (<address@hidden>) escribió:
The problem is that your binning vector C doesn't include the values
of the variabes d1 and d2.
The function is doing a very crude
quantization/binning/cutting/partition of the data, similar to what
hist does, but in a more innefficient way.
You need to make sure the vecotr C covers the span of the data (or
similar to), currently they differ by orders of magnitude.

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