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Re: Octave doesn't lauch in Windows 10

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: Octave doesn't lauch in Windows 10
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 08:20:37 +0900 (JST)

> From: h.r.30 

> To: help-octave
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> Date: 2019/1/28, Mon 06:27
> Subject: Re: Octave doesn't lauch in Windows 10
> High Felipe and all posters of this thread,
> I got the same problem, but  found out that running octave 4.4.1 in a
> command shell (means starting octave-4.4.1 (CLI) starts the program without
> error message, however without GUI. But this is not satisfactory. After
> several un- and reinstalling, new start of PC etc., I couldn't start
> octave-4.4.1 (GUI). Somethings wrong with the GUI. 
> I'm not sure, but after installations of older versions I got a message that
> this version is not tested well with Win10. After checking the properties
> (right click the icon at your desktop) I have the possibility of selecting
> another Windows environment (i.e. Win 8). I didn't test the previous
> installation 4.4.0, but will do that. I installed it, but didn't start it. 
> 4.2.1 worked properly. I think I started under setting Win 7 or Win
> 8-environment in the properties (I'm not sure, because it's 1 1/2 year 
> ago I
> installed it). for 4.4.1 this option is'nt shown in the properties
> Remarks: My system is Win 10 built 1803 too.
I am now one of users octave for windows on widows 10.

For me, octave-4.4.1 works fine with GUI.
My windows 10 was upgraded to 1809 from 1803 about a week before.
For both situation, octave-4.4.1 with GUI works fine.

However, some reports that are similar to yours has been reported.
The problem seems to depend on environments.
Unfortunately origins has not been resolved yet.


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