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Calling Octave built in functions from C, not C++

From: Allan Branscomb
Subject: Calling Octave built in functions from C, not C++
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2019 18:29:52 -0800
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Searching the Octave user manual, the email archives, and the Web, I can find examples in which Octave built-in functions are called from C++ but none from C.

There is mention that it can be done but I haven't been able to find any examples in which C is the calling language.

The task is to call the polyfit and polyval functions from a C function. I've implemented this from C to Matlab but don't see how it is done with Octave.

I want to call these functions directly, without use of the Octave interpreter. I found a discussion on the Web in which it is stated that built-in functions can be called without use of the interpreter and for performance reasons would prefer this approach if possible.

Thanks for your help;

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