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Re: eliminte "ans" and print file as is on the screen

From: eugenia
Subject: Re: eliminte "ans" and print file as is on the screen
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2019 05:59:02 -0600 (CST)

Thanks to both, but it is not worknig with my variable. Your examples work
really fine.

I need to print exactly what I see on the screen. I could do if my variable
is CHIS (1,1,:). In this case is something like this:

But I need to vary the second index which indicates 6 different channels.
So, the output must be:
3.3208e-04   3.6136e-04   3.4397e-04   3.2282e-04   3.0488e-04  3.5576e-04
7.8157e-04   6.4418e-04   6.8477e-04   5.5001e-04   4.8390e-04  4.0325e-04
3.9184e-04   2.5231e-04   4.5585e-04   3.9979e-04   3.8978e-04 0.0000e+00

... at least with your indications I could write 6 different files and then,
maybe with AWK, I can put them all together. But then... I should do the
same for the first index, so with CHIS1(2,:,:)...

Maria Eugenia

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