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Re: matrix plot how to?

From: Marco Atzeri
Subject: Re: matrix plot how to?
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2019 02:50:39 -0800
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Am 08.01.2019 um 02:11 schrieb eugenia:
Dear all,
I have octave 4.2.2 running under Fedora.

I want to visualize a 2x6x6067 matrix. It has the following aspect:

CHIS1=ncread(fullfile(obsX, ''),'ChanAmpPhase')

ans(:,:,1) =

    3.3208e-04   3.6136e-04   3.4397e-04   3.2282e-04   3.0488e-04
    7.6304e+01   7.5384e+01   7.6021e+01   8.0571e+01   8.1593e+01

ans(:,:,2) =

    7.8157e-04   6.4418e-04   6.8477e-04   5.5001e-04   4.8390e-04
    7.6915e+01   8.1935e+01   8.8335e+01   7.9364e+01   8.6596e+01

ans(:,:,3) =

    0.00039   0.00025   0.00046   0.00040   0.00039   0.00000
    0.03458   0.07222   0.08307  -0.23317   0.26613   0.00000
ans(:,:,6066) =

    3.8324e-04   3.4421e-04   3.7266e-04   3.9962e-04   2.6922e-04
    1.1616e+02   1.1836e+02   1.0435e+02   1.1913e+02   1.1451e+02

ans(:,:,6067) =

    1.9845e-04   2.3307e-04   2.0106e-04   1.9758e-04   3.2063e-04
    9.2338e+01   8.5952e+01   5.7616e+01   6.9950e+01   6.7347e+01

I tried with scatter3, plot3 and surf but I do not know if they are the
convenient instructions or if I wrote them well because I am new in Octave.
I have no problems to plot 2D, but it is not a good idea.

How you want to plot them ?

You have 3 indexes and 1 value.
In a 3D drawing you have usually 2 indexes as X,Y and 1 Z value.
You have one index too much.

Thanks in advance,
Maria Eugenia

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