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RE: Passing numbers from edit field to graph

From: Richardson, Anthony
Subject: RE: Passing numbers from edit field to graph
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2019 14:41:33 +0000

> Subject: Passing numbers from edit field to graph
> Dear Support-Team,
> I am programming a Graphical User Interface to create simple graphs. Find a 
> attached my created interface (gui.docx) and my code
> (ButtonsTools.txt). I want that when I type in a number in the edit field 
> xmin, xmax and xstep that the x-axis is adapt, but I don´t
>  know the suitable command for it. Can you help me?
> So what I actually want is, that x=xmin:xstep:xmax, but I don´t know how to 
> hand over it to the GUI.
> Thank you for your help.
> Carola Forster

Hi Carola,
I've been working on something very similar.  You need to add a callback 
function that is automatically run when the edit field is changed.  The 
callback will need to get the new value from the control element and then 
replot the graph.

I have attached an m-file that illustrates the procedure.  (By default the 
x-axis is autoscaled, but you can click on the "AUTO" button to switch to 
"MANUAL" mode and then enter new values in the "min" and "max" edit controls.)  
I hope this helps.

Tony Richardson

p.s. The attached script allows the user to explore function composition using 
unit step and unit ramp functions.

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