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Re: package installing from flatpak/flathub

From: tmacchant
Subject: Re: package installing from flatpak/flathub
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2019 19:14:32 -0600 (CST)

> Is it so that nobody knows how to install signal and control packages to 
> octave 4.4.1 version (xubuntu 18.04.1). 
> Tarmo 
> Tarmo Tapio kirjoitti 3.11.2018 klo 18.42: 
>> Hi 
>> I should need  octave packages (signal, control,....). How can I 
>> install them from flatpak/flathub? 
>> Tarmo 

Sorry for too late reply.

I tried install control package to octave-4.4.1 of flatpack.
I also have met the same error.

So I tried to install octave-4.4.1 from source via instruction on

As you can see configure log

The above lacks the fltk and portaudio.
So I installed portaudio19-dev and libfltk1.3-dev using "sudo apt install".  

I could build full featured octave-4.4.1 and could install control and
signal packages.



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