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Octave Can't find JRE on Windows 10

From: Michael DeBellis
Subject: Octave Can't find JRE on Windows 10
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 15:02:31 -0800

I have a Windows 10 desktop running Windows 10 Home Version 1803. I have Java installed and have been using other tools (e.g, Protege Ontology Editor from Stanford) that require it. I have Version 8 Update 191 installed and I just checked the configuration panel to make sure it was enabled and it is. 

I've installed Octave on this machine before but my machine had a melt down and I had to reinstall everything. And now when I go to install Octave (using the install file octave-4.4.1-w64-installer) as the installer starts I get an error message saying that "the installer was unable to find a Java Runtime Environment on this system"

I simply select the cancel option as I have Octave already working on my Mac desktop and I would prefer to have it working here with the full Java capability. Any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks in advance for any guidance, Octave is an amazing tool, I'm just starting to use it but really impressed (based on using it on my Mac) so far. 

Michael DeBellis

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