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Re: Octave-Arduino-Servo

From: Vicent
Subject: Re: Octave-Arduino-Servo
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2018 06:55:05 -0600 (CST)

arduinosetup ('arduinobinary', '/the_path_to_it/arduino')
Hello again,
Fortunately, the communication problem has been solved  with the help of
John Donoghue  who said me to use this:
arduinosetup ('arduinobinary', '/the_path_to_it/arduino')

and it works!
But  I'm having still problems with this because the servo works very well
when it runs from the arduino IDE but it doesn't move when I try to do it
using the previous Octave program. 
In the Command windows everything appears to be correct without error
ar = arduino("/dev/ttyACM0","Uno","Libraries","servo")
myServo = servo(ar, "d9", "minpulseduration", 1.0e-3,  "maxpulseduration",

writePosition (myServo, 0);
position = readPosition (myServo)
writePosition (myServo, 1);
position = readPosition (myServo)

I've checked that the minimum pulse and maximum pulse duration are correct.
It's a sd90 servo. I know that the period is 50Hz (20 ms) but I don't know
how to configure to the program, I guess it's not necessary to do it . I
have not found more information about this.
 Thanks for your patience again.

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