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Re: Octave-Arduino-Servo

From: Vicent
Subject: Re: Octave-Arduino-Servo
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 13:06:37 -0600 (CST)

Yes but I didn't do correctly because Octave didn't found my 1.8.6 arduino
binary program but it found the (2:1.0.5 +dfsg2-4.1) arduino  version from
the ubuntu repository that I guess it's outdatet. Then I copied and pasted
the arduinosetup program from the old IDE to  the 1.8.6  and I uploaded the 
arduinosetup program to the arduino board but  seems that it didn't work
Now I have the same problem, Octave is not able to find the arduino binary
when I run the arduinosetup (I deleted the old version of arduino) This is
what I get in the command window.
>> pkg load arduino
>> arduinosetup
error: __arduino_binary__: can not find the arduino binary
error: called from
    __arduino_binary__>find_arduino_binary at line 75 column 5
    __arduino_binary__ at line 26 column 22
    arduinosetup at line 188 column 21

I've copied manually the arduino file from the arduino-1.8.6 folder to the
/usr/bin/ folder and then, after reopen octave  I've got this:

>> pkg load arduino
>> arduinosetup
Error: Could not find or load main class
Running "/usr/bin/arduino" "/tmp/oct-Rsy4gf/octave/octave.ino"
ans = 0
I don't know what can i do... 
Thanks for your patience. 

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