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init Octave directly with files, using ps-scripts

From: Nell, Erik
Subject: init Octave directly with files, using ps-scripts
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2018 17:14:38 +0000



I’m searching for a solution to start Octave with a specified file (*.m) (on windows 10 systems) while using command line scripts.


The *.ps1 script so far (called by a e-exam program to start programs like Octave, Maxima, etc.)


$lib = {

    function ShowDialog {

        # some nice sourcecode but no need to show it in this mail ;-)




Start-Job { ShowDialog } -InitializationScript $lib


# this part don’t work

# $package = Get-AppvClientPackage -Name 'Octave.*'

# $appvveparam = "$($package.PackageId)_$($package.VersionId)"

# $cmd = "$($env:localappdata)\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Integration\$($package.PackageId)\Root\start-octave.bat"

# cmd.exe /appvve:$appvveparam /C $cmd $args[0]


# with this option Octave will start without loading any files

Invoke-Item -Path "$($env:appdata)\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Octave V5.lnk"


Does anyone have an idea to solve this problem or knowledge about some parameters to init Octave-GUI with *.m files directly (on a windows system) ?


Kind regards,

Erik Nell


(Why I searching for a solution for a problem like this ? Because I try to use Octave in e-assessment scenarios.

In this case it is useful to make students life more comfortable and start Programs with specific files directly ;-) )


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