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Re: Subplots not drawing correctly.

From: IMacaulay
Subject: Re: Subplots not drawing correctly.
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 12:00:06 +0000

Thanks, that makes more sense - the plot you attach is a different one
from what I thought you were referring to.

I think it very unlikely to be an aliasing issue because:
- the lines that do appear, are always sharp and single-pixel,
suggesting no background interpolation before display, nor are any
possible aliasing artefacts visible;
- in a grid of subplots with identical axes, lines can be absent from
one set, but present and sharp in others in the same row and column;
- the issue shows no sensitivity to figure window size or location;
- the issue may appear in different places on successive runs using
the same figure window;
- gnuplot produces similarly fine lines reliably ('though is grim in
other ways);
- the problem manifests itself identically on different monitors.

If, however, you cannot reproduce the problem, then of course you
cannot do anything about it.

Thanks anyway.

On 07/11/2018, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
> Attached is what it looks like here, no problem. The lines are very fine
> and in your plots you can see intensity changes near the cross-over
> points, suggesting you have an issue with aliasing of pixels. I would
> suggest you investigate along that direction - I doubt there is anything
> wrong on the octave end at this point.
> W
> Are you running
> On 2018-11-07 4:33 a.m., IMacaulay wrote:
>> I'm a bit confused, I'm afraid.  The top right plot still appears
>> devoid of x grid lines, as it did before.
>> I have things set up so that grid lines are the default, which is why
>> I generally do not have explicit 'grid on' commands.
>> QT is my normal graphics toolkit, but I get similar behaviour with
>> FLTK - I've tried this on various occasions, in the past.

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