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Re: package installing from flatpak/flathub

From: John Frain
Subject: Re: package installing from flatpak/flathub
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2018 23:29:42 +0000

I have installed flatpak octave in Linux Mint 18.3 (64-bit) and have installed several packages (other than signal and control) using the pkg install -forge package_name formula each time.  As far as I can see this has worked exactly as it should.  If I use the file browser in flatpak octave and go to /app/share/octave/4.4.1/m the installed packages are visible there. (This directory is visible only from within the octave flatpak).

As far as I can see flatpak octave runs the .octaverc file as it starts.  By any chance is there any thing in that fie that might give rise to the problem

John C Frain, Ph.D.

Economics Department             3 Aranleigh Park
Trinity College Dublin                 Rathfarnham
College Green                           Dublin 14
Dublin 2                                    Ireland

On Wed, 7 Nov 2018 at 20:53, Sergei Steshenko <address@hidden> wrote:

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 7:19:18 PM GMT+2, Tarmo Tapio <address@hidden> wrote:

Thank you Rick. I have used that flathub and same command but not work. Maybe my mini laptop Acer Aspire one is faulty. Istalling xubuntu I got ACPI errors but I managed to install xubuntu 18.04.1.


Rick T kirjoitti 7.11.2018 klo 18.22:
I use ubuntu 18.04 and the package manager has a flathub version in there

then in the command window type 'pkg install -forge signal'  for the signal package

On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 10:57 AM Tarmo Tapio <address@hidden> wrote:
Is it so that nobody knows how to install signal and control packages to
octave 4.4.1 version (xubuntu 18.04.1).


Tarmo Tapio kirjoitti 3.11.2018 klo 18.42:
> Hi
> I should need  octave packages (signal, control,....). How can I
> install them from flatpak/flathub?
> Tarmo


Flatpak is a container/isolation tool. I.e. it creates an environment for the application whose package is supposed to be built in a manner imitating absence of libraries at system level, so any needed for the application libraries won't conflict with the system ones. E.g. different from system libraries versions can be used.

Flatpak does NOT resolve the issues of the packaging system of the application for which one wants to build a package.

The fundamental problem with Octave is that its packaging system is broken. From my analysis of the Octave packaging system made several years ago the system has never been properly spec'ed/designed.


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