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Re: Subplots not drawing correctly.

From: IMacaulay
Subject: Re: Subplots not drawing correctly.
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2018 12:33:15 +0000

I'm a bit confused, I'm afraid.  The top right plot still appears
devoid of x grid lines, as it did before.

I have things set up so that grid lines are the default, which is why
I generally do not have explicit 'grid on' commands.

QT is my normal graphics toolkit, but I get similar behaviour with
FLTK - I've tried this on various occasions, in the past.

On 29/10/2018, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
> You added "grid on" commands to each subplot command I assume? So this
> is something different. I agree with Doug - your plot shows this.
> I assume the lines are there, but are faint. The default graphics
> toolkit is "qt" and it works fine for me. When I change to "fltk" I also
> get the faint lines that are barely visible.
> Try this:
>    close all
>    graphics_toolkit('qt')
>    plot_tf_comparisons_0
> If that still doesn't work, try different sizes for your plot window,
> use the print() command to save to png, or manipulate the grid line
> width directly in the properties.
> Willem
> On 2018-10-29 6:13 a.m., IMacaulay wrote:
>> Thanks for the suggestion, but that does not work for me.  I have
>> tried this, in the past, and also drawing all lines (data) in one
>> horribly long 'plot' command but neither solved the issue.  In the
>> attached example, you'll see that although the first plot is fixed,
>> the second lacks its x-grid lines.

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