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Re: symbolic, lazy Min

From: Colin Macdonald
Subject: Re: symbolic, lazy Min
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2018 09:59:46 -0700
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On 2018-10-25 9:05 a.m., CS Suehs wrote:
Greetings, all,

I have been experiencing some pain trying to use sympy's Min from Octave's symbolic math capabilities.  I have not been able to figure out how to dissuade Octave from eagerly evaluating the Min.  I want an expression with a Min in it, not an immediate attempt to evaluate the two expressions.  I wonder, if Octave is confusing it with its own min, or failing to translate the sym min to sympy's Min.  Perhaps, in my ignorance, I am not correctly specifying the exact Min.

Probably this is because min(x,y) does not work correctly yet [1].

Here is a workaround:

>> syms x y
>> A = python_cmd('return Min(*_ins)', x, y)

>> syms p positive
>> B = python_cmd('return Min(*_ins)', p, 2*p)

I think [1] would be easy to fix properly and I'd love some help! Just find "@sym/min.m" and edit it. It needs to call sympy's "Min()" like the above examples.



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