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Need Help with nonlin_redidim in optim

From: Wirth, Rosmarie
Subject: Need Help with nonlin_redidim in optim
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2018 13:19:26 +0000


i am trying to run a script in Octave on my ios- Coumpter. 
But I allways get the same Error: 

'nonlin_residim' undefined near line 14 column 5

error: called from

    Fit at line 14 column 3

    run at line 71 column 7

Some weeks ago the script was performing fine and I had no problem with this error. Suddenly this error appeared. So I switched to a different ios-Computer, which had already octave and optim installed. After some days the same error occurred on this Computer. Now I installed octave on a third ios Computer and have the same problem. On the first one I reinstalled octave and all packages. On non of these Computers runs the script anymore. There is no Bug in the script because it was running fine before this error occurred. 

I have no Idea how to fix this bug. 

This is line 14, where the bug is supposed to be: [p, residuals, cvg, outp]  = nonlin_residim (f, init)

I load optim in the script as followed: pkg load optim;

Thanks for your help, 

Kind regards, 


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