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Octave COM error 0x8002000e

From: arend
Subject: Octave COM error 0x8002000e
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2018 16:54:13 -0400
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I just started using Octave (4.4.1 on Win 64) with the forge windows package (1.3.0) and hope that you can help me with a small problem: we have a collection of Matlab m-files that connect to an actxserver and use its COM objects and methods. This works well on Matlab and Python (just mentioned to show that the COM objects and all the methods indeed work as intended). However, when I run the commands in Octave I get a COM error for the following command (explanation farther down):
[X,Y,Z] = p1.CoordXYZ()
error: com_invoke: property/method invocation on the COM object failed with error `0x8002000e'

the interesting thing is that the actxserver seems to work in general and all previous methods and properties in the .m-file are executed without any problem but this particular function causes an issue. According to Microsoft's description of COM errors `0x8002000e' means that "The number of parameters provided is different from the number of parameters accepted by the method or property of the OLE Automation Object."

As mentioned before the method call works both in Matlab and in Python with the exact same syntax but not in Octave and I am wondering if it could be due to the fact that (in VB) the COM object's method passes its return values "byref". Here is the COM documentation:

CoordXYZ Method
MeasPoint Object : CoordXYZ Method

Retrieves the 3D coordinate of the measurement point.
Visual Basic
Public Sub CoordXYZ( _
   ByRef pdX As Double, _
   ByRef pdY As Double, _
   ByRef pdZ As Double _

X-value of 3D coordinate
Y-value of 3D coordinate
Z-value of 3D coordinate

Normally, [X,Y,Z] = p1.CoordXYZ() should assign a float value each to X, Y, and Z.

Does anyone have any idea how this can be fixed? Please let me know if you need any further information to assist. Thank you very much in advance,

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