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Repeating the last octave prompt

From: Richard Kirk
Subject: Repeating the last octave prompt
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2018 13:45:02 +0100


I have code that prints to the terminal. It is bound to the mouse down event on the viewer, and it prints out the RGB pixel values when I click. Unfortunately, this overwrites the current octave prompt. I would like to repeat the last prompt after the print.

I currently get…

(a) before clicking…


(b) after one click…

(32, 34) = 0.423312, 0.413473, 0.399587

(c) after twp clicks…

(32, 34) = 0.423312, 0.413473, 0.399587
(31, 35) = 0.540096, 0.553779, 0.580509

The “octave:>” prompt is a fixed string in my print statement. PS1 gets me the string that generates the prompt string but I cannot do all the substitutions without a lot of work. This is my current workaround, and it is fine for my current needs, so No Big Deal. However, if there is a neat way to repeat the last prompt, that would be handy.

I am running Octave 4.2.2 on a Mac without the UI.

Richard Kirk

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